🚀 TL;DR - Docker

Wow you don’t know yet what Docker is? 🤔 Let me introduce you this beautiful containerization tool!

May 4, 2021 · 2 min · 0xNinja

🚀 TL;DR - What is the 'TL;DR' series?

So I came up with this basic concept: TL;DR. But what is it exactly? The TL;DR series The main idea is to share some knowledge in a quick and concise way, such as a RUMP but written on a file. It is like a writeup speedrunning-ish style of writting. And maybe because I am kind of lazy sometimes. The goal here is to write small articles about a subject I like, a new technique learnt, or anything that is not worth a full and detailed article....

May 4, 2021 · 1 min · 0xNinja

Free space on disk for Linux distros

Recently I wanted to run a MySQL Docker container and encountered a tragical error: simple_db | 2021-03-25 10:54:04+00:00 [Note] [Entrypoint]: Switching to dedicated user 'mysql' simple_db | 2021-03-25 10:54:04+00:00 [Note] [Entrypoint]: Entrypoint script for MySQL Server 5.7.31-1debian10 started. simple_db | 2021-03-25 10:54:04+00:00 [Note] [Entrypoint]: Initializing database files simple_db | 2021-03-25T10:54:04.578298Z 0 [Warning] TIMESTAMP with implicit DEFAULT value is deprecated. Please use --explicit_defaults_for_timestamp server option (see documentation for more details). simple_db | 2021-03-25T10:54:04....

March 25, 2021 · 0xNinja

📦 HTB - Ready

Cool box, maybe too easy for a medium? Got reverse shell in minutes, but stuck for root’s password for hours 😅 TL;DR Gitlab RCE, get reverse shell. Privesc with cleartext root password, escape Docker to own the box. Footholds nmap Starting Nmap 7.80 ( https://nmap.org ) at 2021-03-14 16:00 UTC Nmap scan report for Host is up (0.035s latency). Not shown: 998 closed ports PORT STATE SERVICE VERSION 22/tcp open ssh OpenSSH 8....

March 20, 2021 · 3 min · 0xNinja

SQLi lab solutions

Some weeks ago I created a trainning lab for SQL injections called SQLi lab. And I will go through all levels in this blog post, explainning the expected way to solve each of them. The lab currently contains 5 levels, and I will update this post as I add more of them 👍 Installation The GitHub repository is at https://github.com/OxNinja/SQLi-lab if you want more information. First I clone the lab in a folder, add its IP to my hosts file for conveignance, and then build it with the given script:...

August 20, 2020 · 0xNinja

📦 HTB - Magic

TL;DR HTTP redirect bypass (unintended 😁), PHP code execution through file upload to get a reverse shell. User with hardcoded SQL credentials on server, privesc with custom binary with no $PATH check. As I am an idiot, I reinstalled my distribution without making a backup of my files 🙈 So I don’t have any screenshot or payloads I used for this box to show you Footholds With a basic nmap we found only two ports: 22 and 80....

August 20, 2020 · 3 min · 0xNinja

📦 HTB - Obscurity

Obscurity is my first medium box so I was very happy when I got that root.txt :D TL;DR Custom Python web server, get source code, get revserse shell, crack user password for custom encryption system, use john to privesc. Footholds To make things easier, I added the box to my /etc/hosts. Recon Let’s start with nmap to discover the open ports : > nmap -A obscurity.htb -o nmap.out Nmap scan report for obscurity....

April 12, 2020 · 5 min · 0xNinja

Setup your database with Docker

Yeah, I wanted to do one of those for a long time 😁 So, we have to stay at home for the moment, I decided to make a “walkthrough” about something I used sometimes and I couldn’t remember all the commands. So, let’s build our MySQL database within a Docker container 🐳 ! Get the Docker image I will be using the mysql image from the Docker hub. 1 docker pull mysql Run the container For further details, you can read the official documentation for the image on Docker hub....

April 7, 2020 · 0xNinja