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Setup your database with Docker

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Yeah, I wanted to do one of those for a long time 😁

So, we have to stay at home for the moment, I decided to make a “walkthrough” about something I used sometimes and I couldn’t remember all the commands. So, let’s build our MySQL database within a Docker container 🐳 !

Get the Docker image

I will be using the mysql image from the Docker hub.

1docker pull mysql

Run the container

For further details, you can read the official documentation for the image on Docker hub. I will just go through the basic steps I use.

1docker run --name my_container -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=toor -d mysql:latest
  • --name : setup a name for our container
  • -e : setup environment variables
    • MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD : need explainations ?
  • -d : run in deamon mode
  • mysql:latest : use the mysql image in the latest version

Administrate the database

Once the container is running in background, we have to connect to it :

1docker exec -it my_container /bin/bash

Here, we connect to the running container and pop a shell in interactive mode. We have to connect to the database :

1mysql -uroot -ptoor

Now we can start to use SQL commands for our database.

Create the database

2USE my_db

Create the table

1CREATE TABLE compotes (id INT, name TEXT, note INT);

Manipulate the table


We want now to add some data in our table :

1INSERT INTO compotes (id, name, note) VALUES (0, "Apple", 3);
2INSERT INTO compotes (id, name, note) VALUES (1, "Apple & banana", 5), (2, "Apple & pear", 4), (3, "Apple & apple", 3);


Oh no, I f’cked up my data ! Apple & banana is not that tasty !

1UPDATE compotes SET (note=4) WHERE id=1;



So drunk I added apple & apple in my table sight

1DELETE FROM compotes WHERE name="Apple & apple";

OK, we are good.


I want to see my beautiful compotes now !

1SELECT * FROM compotes;
3SELECT name, note FROM compotes;
5SELECT * FROM compotes WHERE id > 1 AND note = 3;

Use SQL script

We don’t want to re-type all the database when building a new container !

SQL scripts are cool for that :

 1# populate.sql
 2# SQL script to build the compotes table in our database
 4create database my_db;
 5use my_db
 7create table compotes(id int,
 8	name text,
 9	note int);
11insert into compotes(id, text, note) values
12	(0, "Apple", 3),
13	(1, "Apple & banana", 5),
14	(2, "Apple & pear", 4);

And execute the script on the running container :

1docker exec -i my_container sh -c 'exec mysql -uroot -ptoor' < populate.sql


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